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March 16, 2021

Sammie explains the reasons good for my skincare , alway talk about how to take care of the skin , always did massage for me , made me feel relaxed , excellent service!


professional and targeted skin management

March 16, 2021

I chose a clean skin care package from the start, and my skin became smooth and delicate. Now I have bought the rose care package, which focuses on improving my sensitive skin and lighting my face. The massage technique is very professional, can relieve my lymphatic, make me feel very comfortable.


result section

March 3, 2021

EXCELLENT SERVICE! Sammie is super nice and does everything for my best comfort, we had a good connection and I was really relaxed. I got my lashes done and they were exactly how I wanted them to be, she was super focused and they turned out super good, I am super satisfied. I often get my eyebrows waxed and I love how she takes her time. It is also immensely responsible of her to take extra precautions after each customer which results in a safe and clean environment.


Good IPL underarms hair remove and skin care facial

February 27, 2021

I have been to Sammie’s beauty shop since a year ago, the first impression for me is there has a good environment and professional machines and a nice service, it is a reliable shop. Every time I did IPL underarms hair remove, Sammie made me comfortable, I so enjoyed her service. Also, she followed up my hair grows and gave me good suggestion, she is a responsible person. Also the skin care facial, good massage and good products that make me being beautiful. The most important thing I very respect is, she is doing well in cleaning. During the COVID-19, she records every single person’s temperature before getting in store, sterilize the machines after use, wipes and mop every where. Every details she does, is protecting customers. I would like to say thank you to her for my beauty and health!


Oxygenating trement

February 20, 2021

When I first came to Sammie’s beauty salon, the environment made me feel very comfortable and clean. Sammie was very nice and professional and good service。 My skin is much better than before.thank you Sammie for taking care of me.😃😃

Leo huang

Most amazing facials I have ever experienced!

February 20, 2021

Sammie’s Beauty Shop is the only place I will ever go for any face related products or treatment. Sammie is so nice and sweet she is very professional but very sweet and approachable. I have been going to her for facials since I moved to Quincy in July and I faithfully go every 4-6 weeks for a facial, she had different kinds of facials so I have been trying every option but they are all equally amazing. She uses several different wonderful products on my face and has great facial tools/machines that she uses while giving a facial. Very clean beautiful shop. I highly recommend Sammie’s Beauty Shop if you would like smooth, rejuvenated, healthy, and hydrated skin. Also I’ve had the lash extensions they lasted about 4 weeks and looked absolutely gorgeous. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars for professional service and customer service.


Good ILL LIPS hair remove

February 20, 2021

Good and professional beauty store.Sammie was so nice.She do professional.I enjoy the lips and hair remove service.


Good skin care

February 20, 2021

Sammie is a very nice person. She will analyze which solution is helpful for my skin. She is very professional. After skin care, I am more beautiful than before


Amazing service

February 17, 2021

Sammie, consistently does an amazing job. She will analyze and suggest what she thinks is best for your skin. She’s also very good at rescheduling, I had to reschedule due to work and weather and she was very understanding and accommodating. You’ll feel so relaxed and have beautiful skin afterwards


Amazing Services - Rejuvenated Skin

February 14, 2021

I can only speak for the services that I received which was a basic facial, eye brow waxing, and laser hair removal of my upper lip. Sammie, a one person show, she does most of the services by herself, which is very impressive. She’s a good conversationalist as it will be mostly 1 on 1 time. She curates the background music to your tastes. She’s also very good at rescheduling, there are a number of times where I had to reschedule & she was so understanding and accommodating. Covid Precautions: – Temperature Checks: right when you enter, Sammie will check your temperature & she’ll keep record of the temperature and the list of customers she had for the day. – Disposable flip flops: You change into disposable flip flops (pedicure ones), to maintain the cleanness of the area – Cleanliness: She cleanses the area, right after your session is over. The service area is very clean. Basic Facial: The facial was amazing, my skin afterwards feels so plump and refreshed. She always asks if the temperature of the steam is too hot. There’s usually a shoulder massage during the facial, which is so relaxing, I tend to fall asleep She’s very informative about what she is doing & has good input on skin care. Eyebrow Wax: The cost of the eyebrow wax is similar to what other stores in the area charge. I personally do not have time to tend to my eyebrows, so whenever I come for my scheduled facial appointment, I always have an eyebrow wax. Sammie, uses her good judgment and follows the growth of my eyebrow arches. Sammie’s an understanding individual, you are able to be transparent on whether or not you like the service she is providing.

Emily L


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COVID-19 Special Notice:

Reducing the spread of COVID-19 , our company will be follow the government instruction policy to ensure we are having the safe and comfortable environment . All the customer need to follow the social distancing policy.

– Wear Mask in the waiting lobby

– All the customers must have temperature scan before entry Spa room

– Our spa will provide the disposable flip flops. All the customers must exchange the disposable flip flops before entry Spa room

– We will record the customer temperature scan data. If the customer temperature is 100 c or over, we will not provide the services at the same day.